Poor Lindsay Lohan. Not only was the former child star humiliated by Paris Hilton earlier this month when the socialite revealed that the redhead crashed her girls’ night with Britney Spears back in 2006, but she suffered a snake bite during a recent trip to Thailand! The 31-year-old showed off the wound on her Instagram story, which you can check out in the video below:

While we feel bad for Lindsay (and like, thank god the snake wasn’t poisonous), we can’t get over the weird AF accent she’s using in the clip. Like, girl, you’re from NEW YORK. You’ve only lived in London for five years. There’s no way your voice has changed THAT much.

Lindsay previously revealed that her move overseas “was the best thing I’ve done for myself.” She told Turkey’s Habertürk TV in 2016, “I became very involved with meditation — Deepak Chopra [and] transcendental meditation. This became a very big ritual of my life. I took the time to kind of take out and weed out the bad, and only keep the good. Then I moved to London because New York was too fast for me, because I slowed down and it kept going, and I couldn’t keep up and I wasn’t meant to.” Hey, at least she’s happy.