Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s plastic surgery! On Dec. 31, Madonna stepped out at her New Year’s Eve performance in NYC looking a little more, er, enhanced than ever before. The singer, 60, was sporting a noticeably larger butt. After pictures and videos began to surface on the internet, fans began to suspect that Madonna got butt implants.

With that, Life & Style reached out to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe for his professional opinion. Dr. Rowe, who has never treated the pop star, said, “It looks like the Material Girl has had a Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure typically requires liposuction, or removing fat, from one body part and injecting it into the buttock.”

Dr. Rowe then went on to reveal why plastic surgery is the most likely explanation for Madonna’s bigger behind. “She must have gone under the knife to achieve this look because it doesn’t look like it was achieved naturally by gaining weight.”

As far as when the songstress had the procedure done? “Madonna’s results look relatively recent, so her buttocks could still be swollen. Like most procedures, Brazilian Butt Lifts can have common complications, such as unevenness and swelling,” Dr. Rowe surmised. Beyond that, he explained that if the procedure isn’t done properly by a trained board certified plastic surgeon, then “death can result.”

Yikes. That’s certainly a lot of risk just to achieve a more Kardashian-like figure. Even so, in the days since, many of Madonna’s supporters have championed her possible decision. “Butt implants or no butt implants Madonna still is looking hot AF! She honored the LGBT community with her presence and the first performance of 2019! She is a living legend and an icon! Can’t wait for the new album!” one user expressed on Twitter.

TBH, we couldn’t agree more. Madonna looks fierce, especially for her age. As to whether or not she got a little work done? Well, that’s between her and her potential plastic surgeon. *Sips tea.*