The news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement is basically everything we’ve been waiting for (well, besides actually seeing her in a wedding dress). For months, these two danced around the news of their romance, even though, duh, we all knew it was happening. And then, even once Harry had officially started calling Meghan his girlfriend, they still kept everything else under lock and key because, honestly, they’re greedy and they don’t want us to share their joy. Or, okay, because they value their privacy as they get to know each other or whatever. By the time they (finally!) had public pictures together, we were pretty much frothing at the mouth over the royal couple. Photos of them holding hands did little to soothe our souls at that point. But now that they’ve officially announced that they’re planning a wedding, they’ve finally caught up to us — because, hello, we’ve been planning this wedding forever.

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

If they’re looking for ideas, we’ve got them! First off, the dress. We’ve seen the actress in wedding dresses before. After all, when her character Rachel Zane on Suits was set to get married, there was plenty of to-do over which dress she would pick. But Meghan also talked with Glamour about her own dream dress. “[Rachel’s dress] is classic and fairy tale and the culmination of everything she’s been waiting for with her big day. She deserved this type of dress for this moment,” the actress shared.

“It’s not my personal style… My personal style — wedding or not — is very pared down and relaxed. Classic and simple is the name of the game, perhaps with a modern twist. I personally prefer wedding dresses that are whimsical or subtly romantic.” Her fave celebrity dress? Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s: “Everything goals.” In other words? She doesn’t want the big poofy princess dress — even if she’s basically going to have a whole princess wedding. No Kate Middleton-style train for this future Duchess, though we suspect our future bride admires the delicate lace sleeve details that Kate rocked. Something like this fits the Kennedy inspiration — and would look gorg on Meghan.

The Bridesmaids

As for her bridesmaids, they’d need something equally simple. Call us crazy, but we also think the actress might be into the trend where all the bridesmaids wear the same dress, but in complementary shades instead of all one color. Alternately, they could all wear the same color but in slightly different styles. Something like these would be absolutely stunning.

The Wedding Cake

Obviously, they’re going to need a glamorous cake. There are plenty of incredible wedding cake trends that we’ve been loving, but our pick for the royal couple might be the semi-naked desserts that have been absolutely taking over. Our bride loves to keep things simple, but classy too — so a near-bare cake that keeps things low-key while still looking gorgeous AF is perfect. They can add simple touches with flowers or fruit, something that the yoga-loving actress would probably be way into. It’s all natural, but still semi-traditional. We’re thinking something like this to bring a little color to a classic design.

The Color Scheme

The color scheme can go along with that. For the most part, Meghan seems to choose neutral colors to wear when she’s heading out and hitting the town. Gray, blues, navies, beiges, creams, that sort of thing. But we think some earthy greens could also bring a little life to the event. Sage or forest green would look amazing — and it would work with Harry’s coloring too, not to mention complementing the muted blue tones he wears so often. They also won’t clash too much with the royal outfit that the groom will likely have to wear if his outfit is anything like the one his brother, Prince William, wore to his own wedding. (In our dreams, though, he’s wearing a simple black tux, and he looks out-of-this-world handsome.)

prince will and harry's wedding outfit

The Seating Arrangements

As for the seating chart, well, that’s where things start to get messy. We know that Queen Elizabeth won’t be there, seeing as the bride’s been previously married and divorced and the Queen has that whole head-of-the-Church-of-England thing. It’s clear both of their families have given the couple their blessings and are excited to all celebrate together. We say why not buck tradition and let all the guests mingle? Meghan and Harry come from extremely different backgrounds, and we don’t just mean the British and American thing, so their families don’t need any more divides between them. Sure, it’s not very traditional — and the Suits star seems to love tradition — but we think this might be the time she’d be willing to break it.

The Hashtag

As for their hashtag, any good wedding these days has one. It doesn’t matter that all of their photos are going to go directly on Getty Images and that they’re not going to need to troll Instagram to see pics of their friends celebrating. Every wedding has a photographer, after all, and that hasn’t stopped anyone else from needing a hashtag. Again, this couple is traditional, so we wouldn’t want to throw anything too wild their way. Then again, the groom’s last name is kind of a complicated affair, so a little creativity is called for. Maybe #ToHaveAndToHarry? #MarkleAndShine? #ShesNotJustPlayingAPrincessOnTV? We’ll keep working on it. We’ve been thinking about this wedding for ages, and we’re certainly not about to stop now.

Okay, okay. Realistically, we know that a lot of this event will probably be out of the happy couple’s hands, considering the fact that they’ll have royal duties and obligations and all that. But hey. We can certainly dream, can’t we?