She’s back! Miley Cyrus released She is Coming on Friday, May 31 — her first body of music since releasing Younger Now in 2017, and once again, she’s changed her sound. The 26-year-old’s latest EP resembles her “We Can’t Stop” phase, except now, she’s more mature and unapologetic about her partying ways, as seen in the track “Unholy.”

“I’m a little drunk/ I know it/ I’ma get high as hell/ I’m a little bit unholy/ So what?/ So is everyone else,” she begins singing before addressing her audience — in this case, the haters. “Wake up in the middle of a breakdown/ Yeah, uh/ Have sex on the table with the takeout (Uh)/ I’m sick of the faking/ The using/ The taking/ The people calling me obscene,” she continued. “You hate me/ You love me/ You just wanna touch me/ I’m only trying to get some peace/ So let me do me.”

When Miley released Bangerz in 2013, she got criticized immensely for revealing a side of her many hadn’t seen. Her following album portrayed a more clean-cut version of herself with songs like “Malibu and “Younger Now.” With She Is Coming, it looks like the Disney alum finally found a balance between her crazy and soft sides.

During her Vanity Fair interview in March, Miley got candid about the importance of being authentic no matter the circumstance. “I try to be true to myself in every state of being. When I can, I will stand still, work through, sit in, observe, and get to know exactly ‘who that is’ privately,” she told the outlet.

“My creative process comes from feeling inspired by life experiences, not pressured by industry standards. I will never put my own plan before nature’s, or jeopardize personal growth for professional advantage,” she added.

Miley Cyrus
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

“That said, if it’s a time in my life like now where I am publicly sharing my stories, my music, my art, ‘who I am’ unfolds in front of everyone and we go through all of this together. When people hear my music, they hear a fragment of time, something I feel or felt right then,” she continued. “By the time it gets to your ears, I may have grown past it, but I am truest to who I am at that very second.”

~ She’s just being Miley! ~