Yes, queen! Miley Cyrus had a fun little photoshoot and flaunted her amazing figure in a black bikini. The singer is never afraid to show a little skin and we absolutely adore her confidence. She’s been traveling all around the world after dropping her new EP, She Is Coming. Each track shows a different piece of Miley’s personality and she seems happier in her own skin than ever.

“Selfie-ish,” the 26-year-old captioned a photo that revealed her toned body in an adorable swimsuit on her Instagram Story on July 10. Her fingernails were painted black to match the skimpy look. The songstress appeared to be in a hotel room because her unpacked suitcase can be seen in the mirror. She posted another snapshot of ~business Miley,~ which included an oversized blazer and sunglasses.

Miley Cyrus Black Bikini Mirror Selfie
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus Instagram
Miley Cyrus Black Bikini Mirror Selfie With a Blazer
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus Instagram

The former Disney kid’s new music is all about her freedom to express herself. She unapologetically addressed her haters in the song “Unholy.” The lyrics read: “I’m a little drunk/ I know it/ I’ma get high as hell/ I’m a little bit unholy/ So what?/ So is everyone else/ Wake up in the middle of a breakdown/ Yeah, uh/ Have sex on the table with the takeout (Uh)/ I’m sick of the faking/ The using/ The taking/ The people calling me obscene.” She continues by singing that she’s just trying to live her life. “You hate me/ You love me/ You just wanna touch me/ I’m only trying to get some peace/ So let me do me,” she says in the bop.

During an interview with Vanity Fair in March, the Nashville resident opened up about how she tries to be authentic and transparent in all aspects of her life. “I try to be true to myself in every state of being. When I can, I will stand still, work through, sit in, observe, and get to know exactly ‘who that is’ privately,” she explained.

Keep slaying, Miley!