She's calling them out! Fans were worried about Paris Jackson after an Instagram video resurfaced of her walking along a ledge recently, which prompted an anonymous family members to allegedly reveal that they were "worried" about her and "feared" for her life. But the daughter of the late pop icon Michael Jackson wants everyone to know that she's doing just fine, and she even delivered a very blunt message to those family members who apparently leaked misleading quotes about her. Watch the video above to see Paris' messages to her family!

The 20-year-old also went on Instagram live to clarify the origin of the video in question and to explain why she posted it in the first place. According to Paris, the video was recorded back in February 2018 during New York Fashion Week and in the clip, she was walking along a ledge of a tall building that was at least a foot wide. At one point, she admitted that she did lose her balance but that she leaned over towards the "safe side" and was not trying to made it look like she was going to jump or fall off.

"I could've fallen several stories to my death. I wasn't being the safest, but I wasn't being super super safe," Paris explained. Even though she deleted the video, it started circulating online and that's when a family memeber allegedly told Page Six that Paris has "lost her mind," "gone crazy," "lost it," and is "gonna die soon."

But Paris seemed to be in good spirits and she was able to laugh it off — and her famous aunt La Toya Jackson even vouched for her well-being during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. "She's become a remarkable woman," the 61-year-old said, gushing about her niece. "She's done very, very well and I'm very proud of her, and very excited and very happy."