As Michael Jackson's beloved and only daughter, Paris Jackson grew up in a house ripped out of fairytales. Neverland Ranch, the fantastical estate filled with ferris wheels and petting zoos, was Paris' playground. But now the 19-year-old model is all grown up and living in No Man's Land…or so it would seem. Watch our video to see Paris' humble hippie dwellings.

When Paris came of age, it was reported that she relocated to her father's former estate in Encino, pre-Neverland. Apparently she wanted to live somewhat in seclusion, and the estate was recommended (as the Jackson family heiress, she still had legal rights to it). But since the bulk of the mansion was still under construction, Paris decided to move into the quaint guesthouse where her father made demos of hits like "Beat It" and "Billie Jean." And since the place was a bonafide hub of creativity and positive energy, it was the perfect home for the ultra-spiritual Paris to hang out.

Of course, we only get glimpses of her residence from Instagram. Yet we can see Paris definitely has made the guesthouse and its surrounding garden into a chill bohemian pad for her and her pets. Maybe we can come over for some topless meditation sometime. Of course, there are also recent rumors that Paris has gone full Earth Child and is living in a literal tent. But eh, no matter how spiritual the teen gets, we can't imagine her model-off-duty look is existing completely off the grid. Watch our video above for a peek into the hippie haven that Paris Jackson calls home.