Prince Harry Reveals The *One Thing* He And Meghan Markle Can’t Agree On


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Royals — they’re just like us! Except, er, they’re totally not. Prince Harry revealed during the BBC One documentary Prince, Son & Heir: Charles at 70 the one thing that he and Meghan Markle argue about and TBH, it’s actually adorable. 

As it turns out, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can’t seem to agree on lighting! Mind you, most married couples fight over money, children, and lack of sex… just saying! 

“My wife certainly goes, ‘Well, why turn the lights off? It’s dark,'” Harry explained, per Entertainment Tonight. “I go, ‘We only need one light, we don’t need, like, six,’ and all of a sudden, it becomes a habit,” the father-to-be added.

When lighting is the biggest problem in your relationship, you know things are good.

In addition to Harry’s precious anecdote, the 34-year-old also spoke of his father, Prince Charles, and his wishes for the 69-year-old monarch.

“He does need to slow down,” Harry began. “This is a man who has dinner ridiculously late at night, and then goes to his desk later that night and will fall asleep on his notes to the point where he’ll wake up with a piece of paper stuck to his face,” he continued.

“The man never stops. When we were kids, there were bags and bags and bags of work that the office just sent to him. We could barely even get to his desk to say goodnight to him.” Yikes! Well, here’s hoping once Meghan and Harry’s royal baby is born that Charles will finally settle down and start spending more time with his grandchildren.

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