Talk about married bliss! Singer Nick Jonas and his new wife, Priyanka Chopra, have been seriously reveling in their newlywed status since their epic three-day-long nuptials on Dec. 1. Both of them have taken to social media quite a few times to share photos, videos, and their heartfelt thoughts on what was clearly such a special day for them. So when Priyanka updated her social media recently, what did we get? Exactly what we expected — in the form of a cute snap of her new hubby.

On Dec. 7, Priyanka posted an adorable photo of Nick to her Insta stories, complete with the caption, “Husband vibes,” and a heart-eyes and lips emoji. This is the honeymoon stage, people! You’re lookin’ at it with these two cuties. Nick looks incredibly handsome (duh) in the snap, which catches him in some dark and sexy lighting. She even strategically placed the text pretty close to Nick’s ring finger, which is fully on display, wedding band and all.

priyanka chopra nick jonas instagram

Clearly, Pri is pretty proud of her new husband and is stoked to be with him and like, is water wet? Nick and Priyanka have been wowing the world with their whirlwind romance since back in May when they were being spotted together pretty much everywhere. One thing lead to another and by August, the couple had confirmed their engagement. Fast forward to December and there’s “husband vibes!” Clearly, these two couldn’t wait to tie the knot.

We really can feel the love radiating from this celeb couple, from the intense care they put into making their ceremony their own, to the way each of their families has embraced the newcomer to the group. It’s obvious that Nick and Pri have something really special going on and it’s been really cool to see them throw caution to the wind and say yes to their connection.

Alright, Pri, we don’t ask for much, but we will ask for this: bring on the husband pics, please.