We’ve got a makeup mystery on our hands, y’all! Over the weekend, Priyanka Chopra married her not-so-longtime fiancé, Nick Jonas, during a three-day celebration in India. Of course, the A-list actress looked stunning from head to toe. That said, after her makeup artist, Yumi Mori, dropped a list of the products she used on Priyanka, fans realized one major snafu: She *might have* worn a lipstick named after one of Nick’s ex-girlfriends.

At the time, Yumi listed that Priyanka rocked Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme in the shade “Oh Miley.” You know, as in Miley Cyrus… who dated the Jonas brother for a hot minute back in 2006. They were basically the epitome of Disney royalty and we wish things could have worked out for them. #SorryNotSorry.

Moving on, several publications confirmed the 36-year-old’s lip shade. Naturally, that sent fans (mostly Niley shippers) into a frenzy. “I am screaming. [Priyanka’s] lipstick was Marc Jacobs’ ‘Oh Miley.’ Niley is everywhere,” one fan wrote along with an attached screenshot from an Instagram post that has since been deleted. 

Speaking of things that have since been deleted, those “several publications” we just mentioned (including Yumi) have since changed Priyanka’s lip shade from “Oh Miley” to “Boy Gorgeous,” as per Page Six.

So, what’s the truth?! Is this some kind of cover-up? What. Is. Going. On? Well, ladies and gentleman, we’re sorry to report that it’s not that deep. Based on Priyanka’s wedding photos, her lips appear to be more plum than strawberry red. In which case, “Boy Gorgeous” is likely the shade she wore.


On the left: “Oh Miley.” On the right: “Boy Gorgeous.”

Mystery solved! Well, at least we think it is, anyway. At the end of the day, even if Priyanka did wear “Oh Miley” and this is all just one big cover-up, at least she got to marry her dream guy. Congratulations to the happy couple.