Is Kardashian money the key to good skin? According to Khloé Kardashian, the answer is a big fat NO! The newly minted mama recently took to social media to share some of her personal tips and tricks to keeping your face fly on a budget. Between getting your face truly clean (no pun intended) and breakouts, Koko’s got you covered. Turns out some of the very best products don’t come with a La Mer price tag, and honestly, thank god because we really can’t afford that ‘ish.

On Nov. 29, Khloé posted some seriously beneficial tips on her app about getting that heavy glam make-up off and staying clear of breakouts while doing it. “I love to get glam, but it can be such a b—h to take off all that make-up,” Khloé wrote to her fans. “To get my skin clean, first I wash my face (of course), then use two Neutrogena towelettes to remove any left-over product, including one that’s just for eyes since eyeliner and mascara can be so tricky.” Eye products really can be the worst part of make-up removal. Looks like Koko might be onto something!

Khlo also suggested a cleanser to her fans that not only clears up breakouts and dead skin, but you can pick it up at your friendly neighborhood drugstore. “I’m lucky that my skin is pretty clear for the most part, but just in case acne is lurking, I use a special face wash that I pick up from my local drugstore,” she revealed another of her cheap beauty secrets. “PanOxyl has 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, so it’s strong enough to battle the worst breakouts.” Sounds like something we’re gonna need, especially with all those holiday parties coming up. ‘Tis the season to get glam! Plus, at $9.49, it’s a total steal.

It’s nice to know someone as stunning as Khloé has to also pay attention to how she treats her skin. We really love when the Kardashian ladies come visit us mere mortals with so-so skin down on Earth –– your tips are out of this world, Koko! We can’t wait to try.