When is this going to end? Meghan Markle‘s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has been lashing out in the media over and over again ever since she married Prince Harry, but her latest remarks really hit below the belt: Sam took to Twitter to bash Meg’s mom, Doria Ragland. Not cool, if you ask us. 

“The world does not know that our dad raised her most of the time without the input of her mother especially from age 12 through high school and he gave her everything she had and is,” Samantha tweeted. “She was never raised as an only child. Truth kids! He is amazing and successful and mags lie.”


She then responded to a commenter saying, “Glad you love people you don’t even know. But everything that you think you know from tabloids is a lie. Dad pretty much raised her most of her life on his own and Doria was not around very much.” 

According to a Hollywood Life source, Meghan is really upset over her sister’s attack. “Meghan didn’t think her sister could upset her any more than she already has but her latest attack on her mother has done it. Meghan is absolutely furious. She’s a very protective person and the awful things Samantha’s putting out about Meghan’s sweet mother has lit a fire in her,” the insider shared.

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But she’s going to remain calm — as you’d think a princess would. “She desperately wants to strike back at Samantha, but Harry has been really calming her down and helping her deal with the family drama. He has always been her rock when her dad was doing upsetting things and he continues to support her now,” the source added. “She feels it is very unfair that Sam can just spew out all these hurtful lies with no consequence. Up until now, she’s felt the best way to handle Samantha was to ignore her, but it’s much harder to do when she attacks her mom. Meghan wants to protect her honor.” We hope this gets resolved — and fast!