A police investigation is underway in Australia after Taylor Swift’s father was accused of assaulting a photographer in the early hours of February 27. However, a rep for the singer, 34, insists it was the paparazzi who were the aggressors, “pushing” their way toward Taylor as she and dad Scott Swift, 72, disembarked from a yacht in Sydney’s North Shore. They also allegedly threatened to throw a female member of her staff into the water.

Sadly, it’s not the only time Taylor has felt vulnerable as of late. In January, a 33-year-old man from Seattle was arrested outside her NYC home on three separate occasions for stalking. He was later admitted to a state hospital for mental health treatment.

“Taylor can handle a lot of things, but she’s currently at her breaking point,” frets an insider. “It’s just all too much.”

Fortunately, the pop star has found a shoulder to lean on in boyfriend Travis Kelce. “Taylor called Travis about her father, and he was so supportive,” says the insider. “He told her not to pay attention to the negative press and that her dad was only being protective.”

The Grammy winner feels safest when she’s with the NFL star, 34, adds the insider. “Taylor has a break coming up until May,” the insider says. “She’s made plans to see Travis and, of course, rest and recharge.”