The Giudice/Gorga family is having a really rough time right now. Just days after learning that her husband will be deported following his prison sentence, Teresa Giudice‘s father Giacinto Gorga ended up in the hospital. Now, her brother Joe has revealed that the beloved family patriarch has been hospitalized once again while battling a nasty case of pneumonia.

“Yes, he’s back in the hospital,” Joe, 39, told Radar on Nov. 1. “He’s alright, a little bit of pneumonia again. Hopefully, in a couple of days, he’ll be out.” We’re so glad Joe is staying positive, but it’s still not a good sign that Giacinto was forced to check back into the hospital so soon after being released.

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A source told the outlet that “the family is so worried about his health,” and it’s easy to see why. Teresa and Joe lost their 66-year-old mother Antonia to the same illness in 2017. To show support to their dad, Joe posted a sweet pic with his father in the emergency room on Oct. 27 with the caption, “#family.” In the photo, Giacinto seems to be in good spirits, but has a tube coming out of his nose.

The family certainly didn’t need anything else to worry about right now. Just two weeks ago, a judge decided that Teresa’s husband Joe would be deported as soon as he finished serving his time in jail for bankruptcy fraud and other crimes. Teresa is beside herself at the idea that her children might not be able to see their father anymore if he’s sent back to Italy. After realizing she couldn’t convince the courts to change their mind, she began asking friends and family for prayers and hoping for some kind of miracle.

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with Joe and Giacinto in this difficult time for the family.