Spoiler alert — it’s down to the final four!

Vanessa Grimaldi has made it this far in Season 21 of ABC’s The Bachelor and she’s snagged herself a hometown date with hunk Nick Viall during week 8 of the hit reality TV series. But even though she’s excited that she’s still in the running for Nick’s love, she has been open with how emotional the process has been for her — and she breaks down in tears again during their date.

“I haven’t brought anyone home in the last three years, since my last significant relationship,” Vanessa reveals in her confessional. “That was a really hard breakup for me, and it was probably just as tough on my family seeing me go through what I went through.”

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The 29-year-old special needs teacher brings Nick back to her hometown in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to meet her large Italian family and it seems like things are getting serious between them. She even admitted that she was falling in love with him during last week’s episode, and she revealed that it’s getting harder for her to compete with the other women on the show for his time and attention.

But even though she already opened up about her true feelings for Nick, she also explained how important is it to her that she finds out what her family thinks of the 36-year-old Milwaukee native — and she gets extremely emotional.

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“I’m very excited to see how — and what — my family’s gonna think of Nick,” she continues, “and I’m just as excited to see how Nick is gonna react to a room filled with 15 loud Italian people. I hope Nick is going to be able to handle all this, it is a lot.”

Watch the full sneak peek below and be sure to catch the next episode of The Bachelor, airing Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.