That was fast. Just days after deleting everything from her social media accounts, Taylor Swift is back — and leaving fans as confused as ever. Completely overshadowing today's solar eclipse, Taylor returned by posting an extra shady video of what appears to be a snake for all her fans to see.

With no accompanying caption or description, the staticky video shows a snake's tail writhing back and forth. And no matter how many times we play it, we don't know if she is embracing the snake emoji that flooded her social media accounts amid her feud with Kanye West or if this means we're on the brink of an apocalypse.

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And her fans are freaking out. "Someone just uploaded a video of a snake on Taylor Swift's official Instagram. What a time to be alive," one follower tweeted before another added, "Taylor Swift posting a video of a snake on Instagram…… I'm living."

Last week, when the 27-year-old took her unexpected social media break, die-hard fans shared a few theories as to why the superstar just, well, we don't know, disappeared from the face of planet Earth. Not surprisingly, their guesses all lead to new music from the blonde beauty, who has not released a song since her duet with Zayn Malik, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack last year.

Could all of this mean that T6 is coming? And for those of you uncultured, non-Swifties, T6 is the title given by true Swifties for Taylor's upcoming album. It's rumored that it's going to drop this Fall.

Breathes deeply. And that's not all… apparently, Taylor is set to appear on Good Morning America later this month. DIRECTV has her listed as a guest for the Aug. 31 episode of the ABC morning show. Which can only mean that she's debuting new music, right? Right?? Like what other business would she have on the morning show? None, that's what. T6 is coming.

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In the meantime what are Swifties to do (other than you know, cry while listening to her entire music catalog on repeat)? Well, keep your eyes peeled for more signs a single is coming. And, well, as she famously sang, "It's gonna be forever or it's going to go down in flames." And right now, it could honestly go either way.