It’s game time! On the Tuesday, September 10, episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Harrison told everyone to prepare themselves for the final rose ceremony. However, the TV host wanted to make it clear that if someone was giving their rose out, it meant that they are in a serious relationship. So, who went home?

Luke Stone asked Bri Barnes if she would accept his rose, but unfortunately, she declined. “I came to find love and a relationship,” she said. “I can’t say yes to that, I am sorry.” Afterward, Chris asked if any of the ladies wanted to get to know Luke better, but no one stepped up, so he was sent home.

Tayshia Adams Looking at John Paul Jones on Paradise

Matt Donald picked Bri, Dylan Barbour picked Hannah Godwin, John Paul Jones picked Tayshia Adams, Chase McNary picked Angela Amezcua, Clay Harbour picked Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Demi Burnett picked Kristian Haggerty and Chris Bukowski picked Katie Morton.

Haley Ferguson, Sydney Lotuaco and Revian Chang didn’t find romance, so they were sent packing.

The next day, Chris, 48, explained that BIP is over, and the couples needed to figure out where they stand. Sadly, Bri didn’t think that she and Matt could make it work while Chase told Angela that something was missing between them. Even though John told Tayshia he’s in love with her, she told him that she is not there yet, so the two called it quits.

Chris and Katie had a hiccup the night before, and it seemed like they couldn’t recover. “I feel like I am so unsure,” Chris told the brunette beauty. “I do this. I push people away. I push people away that I like, that I feel comfortable with. There have been times I almost wanted to tell you that I just didn’t feel it anymore. I am difficult.”

However, Chris admitted that he wanted to give their relationship a shot. “I came here for the chance to find love and find someone I can share my life with outside of this,” he said. “I am willing to take that risk. I feel like there is a lot of potential to having a great relationship with Katie.”

Katie and Chris on BIP

The remaining couples are Demi and Kristian, Dylan and Hannah, Clay and Nicole and Chris and Katie. Who will get engaged? Who will break up? We can’t wait to find out!