Hot tea! Madison Prewett admitted she and Kelley Flanagan were “best friends” during and after The Bachelor. However, they “haven’t spoken” to each other “in a really long time” since the lawyer has been quarantining with Peter Weber at her Chicago apartment amid the coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, Peter’s most recent ex was just as shocked as the rest of us by their rekindled relationship

“To me, that was the most hurtful thing because I mean … we walked through so much together,” the 23-year-old explained about Kelley, 27, and Peter, 28, to Kaitlyn Bristowe on the April 21 episode of the “Off the Vine” podcast. “You know, that was a friendship I thought was gonna — I thought she was going to be in my wedding. You know, I thought we were going to be best friends for life.”

ABC/Francisco Roman

The pilot was first seen with Kelley in the Windy City on March 25. Madi noted she found out the former flames were still in contact when the pictures leaked online. “The love we had for each other and the depth of our friendship, I guess, it just really confused me,” she said about the fellow contestant getting cozy with her ex. “With just things that we had talked about and things that she had said to me about Peter — and about me and Peter and about her and Peter — and all that. It was really confusing to me when I saw all that, and I don’t know, that I didn’t receive any kind of like a heads up or any sort of, you know, a text or explanation of why.”

That’s not to say she hadn’t heard the rumors circulating around Bachelor Nation. Peter and Kelley previously ran into each other during the weekend of the Super Bowl in February, and their timeline of events seemed a bit fuzzy. “I actually asked Peter about some of the things that I had kind of been hearing — rumors about him and Kelley — while we were still trying to figure our thing out,” Madi dished. “Just that there had been, like, hangouts and meetups and conversations that had been going on while he was still with Hannah Ann [Sluss] and while he was still trying to figure things out with me … I think it’s very interesting because his answers and her answers very much contradict the current situation that’s happening right now. But, you know, it is what it is.”

The leading man got engaged to Hannah Ann, 23, on the Bachelor finale, but they split a month later because he still had feelings for Madison. The exes explored their relationship a bit after filming wrapped, but announced they “mutually” ended things for good on March 13 — just three days following After the Final Rose

Kelley exclusively told Life & Style at the time she thought the “whole process” of the reality dating show “got to” Peter. “I think it’s time for him to just reflect on himself and figure out his own stuff,” the tax attorney said. “What he wants, [who] Peter Weber really is and his wants and needs and stuff like that.” 

It looks like that’s just what he’s doing!