Legends supporting legends! On Monday, August 5, Ashley Graham took to Instagram to share a stunning selfie while traveling in Canada. Now, as much as we love fawning over her natural beauty, it was the model’s caption that really stole the show. “Can’t get ‘Boyfriend’ by [Ariana Grande] and [Social House] out my head,” Ashley, 31, wrote. 

OK, for starters, we 100 percent agree. That song is a B-O-P. Secondly, we love to see strong women giving other strong women a shout-out on social media. It gets better, though. “OMG. You’re so cute,” the world-famous singer, 26, commented on Ashley’s post, to which she replied, “Youuuuu,” with a black heart emoji. 

If Ariana doesn’t invite Ashley to one of her concerts ASAP, we’re going to riot. Dramatic? Maybe … but it’s fine. Anyway, we weren’t the only ones living for this sweet interaction. Plenty of fans chimed in to share their glee, as well. Oh, and of course, some more praise for Ariana’s new single. 

“OMG! My two favorite badass women in one post,” one user gushed. “Love both of you queens,” added another. A third person chimed in with, “I was literally just singing that song in my head!” while a fourth echoed, “Same, sis! That song is amazing.”

Ashley Graham, Ariana Grande Instagram Comments
Courtesy of Ashley Graham/Instagram

As it happens, the song is getting a lot of buzz for more reasons than one. Apparently, Ariana is actually dating Mikey Foster from Social House! According to reports, the possible couple have been friends and worked together for some time, most recently on Ariana’s Sweetener world tour.

However, don’t go shipping Mikey and Ariana just yet! The pair is taking things slow and as of now, nothing is official. Romantic or not, we definitely want them to create more music together. Hop to it, you two.

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