Cardi B name-drops Beyoncé no fewer than four times on her album Invasion of Privacy. But instead of being flattered, Beyoncé, 36, is feeling threatened by the rising rap star, 25. "Bey is worried about being dethroned by Cardi," an insider tells Life & Style.

"She’s been complaining to [her husband] JAY-Z that Cardi is going out of her way to outshine her." Whether she’s trying to or not, Cardi doing some outshining. Beyoncé previously held a record-breaking 12 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 at once, but Cardi surpassed that with 13 songs in April.

"Cardi’s career is goin from strength to strength," the insider notes. "Beyoncé is all smiles when she runs into Cardi, but behind closed doors, she’s worried."

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The singers nearly had a conflict in April, when Bey fired about 20 of her backup dancers and Cardi reportedly looked into hiring some of them for her Coachella performance. Ultimately, the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker decided not to add to her dance crew, but "Beyoncé was furious just hearing about it,” the insider says.

Even though Cardi is a Beyoncé superfan, she’s not afraid to go to war with her idol if she has to. "At the end of the day," says the insider, "Cardi won’t let anything or anyone, no matter how famous or powerful, get in her way."

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