Strong and sexy. Demi Lovato took to Instagram on May 15 to talk about feeling empowered by her jiu-jitsu training — and how much she loves her sexy, strong bod. We definitely don’t blame her because the 26-year-old looks incredible!

“IDK what to caption this … reality is I’m sitting at the gym post jiu-jitsu feeling high on life and drinking my post workout shake,” she captioned a super sexy photo of herself in a leopard print bikini, giving the camera a sultry look.

“I’m sweaty and not looking this glamorous right now but f—k I feel awesome and posting this feels empowering because I like this pic where I feel sexy and I can also defend myself from anyone that ever tries to attack me,” she explained about her intensive jiu-jitsu training.

In fact, she raved about how the practice has allowed her to feel ready to take on an opponent in a physical situation if necessary, which is definitely a great feeling. “Any size, any shape, any gender,” she continued. “I have security but in the moments I’m alone I feel confident (no pun intended) that I can hold my own against an attacker and hope everyone finds something they become as passionate about as I feel about jiu-jitsu.” She even included the hashtags “#BJJ,” “#BlueBelt,” and “#HowDidThisEndUpBeingAboutBJJ 💙.”

This definitely isn’t the first time the singer has been vocal about her love for the practice, and when we spoke to jiu-jitsu champ Ricky Lundell back in March, he gave us some insight as to why Demi has latched onto the exercise. “[Celebs are] finding out that they’re powerful enough as a 120lb girl to actually submit and subdue a 250lb man who has been working out his entire life,” the trainer explained to Life & Style exclusively. “It’s not just power for power. It’s all leverage and proper conditioning, except you have to use your mind to outwit the other person.”

It’s clear that the practice is doing wonders for our girl. Keep it up, Demi!