It’s not easy in the spotlight — singers Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato can tell you that firsthand. The longtime friends have both dealt with their fair share of setbacks in recent time, which is why it makes sense they would lean on each other as they navigate life after their respective hardships.

“Selena and Demi are determined to stay on the straight and narrow and are supporting each other as they prepare to make their comebacks,” an insider told Life & Style exclusively about the troubled pair and their shared road to full recovery.

selena gomez demi lovato

“Thanks to intense therapy they’re in a much better place and well enough to focus on their music,” the source revealed. “They’ve made a pact not to let the pressure of fame lead to self-destruction, and regularly text or call each other to check-in.”

New music? Yes, ladies! It sounds like things can only go up from here. Selena and Demi, both 26, have always had each other’s backs in light of the harsh realities of being in the public eye — their storied friendship goes way back to their early Disney Channel days, where they both had a heavy focus on their music careers. It’s clear they want to keep each other on a productive path.

Selena Gomez Demi Lovato
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“They find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone and are beyond excited about entering into a new chapter in their lives as they continue to conquer their demons together,” the insider continued. “They’ve used all their experiences, both good and bad, to make new chart topping music and can’t wait for the world to hear their new albums.”

And there have been a lot of experiences. Between Selena’s struggle with her mental health for which she was hospitalized back in October 2018 and Demi’s bombshell overdose in July, there is definitely a lot of life-changing material to use for their next hits. We can’t wait to hear what both of these strong women have to say.