Legendary singer Gwen Stefani has changed a lot over the years — from the days of her mainstream punk band No Doubt to her Harajuku phase and beyond, the 49-year-old blonde has revamped her look over and over again. Fast forward to 2019, and it looks as though the former Voice coach has changed more than just her style. So Life & Style reached out to a few experts to get their exclusive thoughts on what kind of plastic surgery procedures or injectables Gwen may have gotten during her time in the spotlight.

“Looks like she’s had a lip augmentation,” Dr. Leslie Gerstman, cosmetic and laser medicine, explained. “Unfortunately, she has had a bit too much cheek and under eye filler making her eyes look smaller when she smiles. It also appears like she’s had botox to soften her crows feet and lift her brows.”

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According to Dr. Matthew Schulman, board certified plastic surgeon, he thinks she might just be good with a makeup brush. “There doesn’t seem to be a very dramatic difference that cannot be explained by a little aging and some makeup contouring,” the doc said. “She may have had her lips plumped a bit, which is commonly done to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.”

Though neither doctor has treated Gwen personally, their expert opinions don’t seem really far-fetched either way. Plus, the mother-of-three has never admitted to going under the knife before, so we’ve gotta take her word for it — though we could at least see her being a big fan of injections. It’s Hollywood, come on.


If the singer really wants to revisit her younger years, she doesn’t need to look much further than the adorable pic a fan photoshopped of her and her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, together as teenagers. The photo surfaced on a fan account back March and the duo loved it so much, they both highlighted it on their own Instagrams. Ah, young love.