On The Bachelorette, one of the most memorable moments of this season came when Jordan — who, we don’t know if you heard, but he’s a fashion model — declared that he was going to wear a grey suit to stand out. And sure, we’re only one episode in so the highlights are few and far between, but the producers’ decision to cut to all the men wearing grey suits made for a moment that was as memorable and it was hilarious.

As it turns out, if you really want to stand out, wear something that’s actually unique. And no, we don’t mean a chicken suit… We mean something like a red jacket — which our man Blake Horstmann wore on the first night of the new season! With his unforgettable sartorial moment — and news that he earns the season’s first one-on-one — we’re all wondering if Blake is the lucky guy to win it all! Want to find out if our suspicions (aka hopes and dreams) are true? Keep reading to find out!

WARNING: There are obviously major spoilers if you keep reading! Read at your own risk!

Unfortunately for us (or maybe fortunately for us), the 28-year-old sale rep isn’t the one to win to get Becca’s final rose. But as it turns out, we will be seeing plenty of Blake this season!

As we already reported, Blake is one of the lucky men who gets to take Becca to his hometown to meet his parents — meaning he’s in the Final 4. Ultimately, Blake makes it to the very end — but isn’t lucky guy to get down on one knee.

Of course, if we know the Bachelor production team — and after all these years, we sure like to think we do! — we doubt that this will be the last we see of our beloved Blake. While there’s no word on if he’s headed to Paradise, we’re confident we’ll see him again, especially knowing that producers love to look for Bachelor inspiration in the Final 4.

In the meantime, we’ll keep watching Blake this season. And we’ll keep our fingers crossed we’ll see him again!

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