We’re going to file this one under “things we didn’t know we needed!” Dylan Sprouse helped The Slow Mo Guys kick off their brand-spankin’-new YouTube series The Super Slow Show produced by Rooster Teeth on Jan. 24, and he basically had us drooling!

“Today we’re going to be doing some Hollywood stunts, and we’ve got a special guest — it’s Dylan Sprouse from movies and TV and the like,” explained host Gavin Free. “Are you preparing for a hair commercial?” asked Daniel Gruchy, poking fun at Dylan’s beautiful golden mane. Don’t worry, he took it well saying, “yes well my mom was a horse and my dad was Fabio.”

All jokes aside, Dylan was there on serious business: to try a slow-motion stunt fall from a whopping 18 feet! “What’s the highest height you’ve fallen from?” asked Gav, to which Dylan responded “we’re not talking about my career here… I’ve definitely fallen from grace! But probably like two feet, three feet? I’m a real tough guy.”

That’s when they brought out stunt expert Kyle Weishaar, who explained that “the big important thing is to try to fall as flat on your back as possible. That way it spreads your weight out over a big surface area and it doesn’t concentrate in any one spot.” Sounds pretty scary to us, and looked even scarier when they climbed up onto a nearly 20-foot platform and prepared to jump!

dylan sprouse, getty

After hilariously chucking Gav and Dan off the top, it was Dylan’s time to go, and he nailed it! Not only did he dive off with the bravery of a warrior heading into battle, but he even posed while doing it… and showing off his impressive guns! Is it hot in here, or is it just Dylan (and our irrational fear of heights)?

The Slow Mo Guys are YouTube veterans with over 10 million subscribers, but they’re doing something totally new with The Super Slow Show. Not only will they be releasing four new videos per week for the next four weeks (every Monday-Thursday), but they’ll also have a bunch of superstar guests, including Kevin Durant, Tony Hawk, Mayim Bialik, and more! Make sure to tune into their channel to catch them all!