Talk about putting your ex on blast! YouTuber Gabbie Hanna is known for her humorous and relatable videos on the popular video platform, but on Aug. 15 she proved that she’s an incredibly talented songwriter, singer, and dancer as well with the music videos for her new songs “Honestly” and “Honestly (Encore)”! One day later her songs sit at the top of the US iTunes chart, and she shared their inspiration exclusively with Life & Style.

“I was inspired to write the song after I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship with a pathological liar,” she dished. “For months he lied to me and gaslighted me to the point that I thought I was crazy. My days were consumed with the constant mental battle of my reality versus the lies he manipulated me into believing.” Gabbie’s fans have already heard the story through a series of YouTube videos detailing the traumatic experience, but they heard it a whole new way in the songs. 

In the moody music video, Gabbie shows off her Beyonce-esque dance moves while singing, “Got me second guessin’ everything you say, Thinkin’ that I know you, but you’re really a stranger. Doin’ what you gotta do to get your way. You’re reckless and selfish and you can’t help it.”

“When I got out of it, I decided that I would never let anyone have that power over me again,” she continued. “This song is about reclaiming the truth, gaining control, and coming out of a bad situation strong. This is more than a song about an ex. This is a song about trusting yourself and not letting anyone play mind games with you.”

But don’t worry, despite the passion in the video, she’s not crying over that loser anymore.  “I got over him so fast,” she laughed. “I had to dig deep to perform the anger because by the time I got to the mic, I didn’t give a s–t about him!”

When Gabbie first shared her story, she even said that she was only doing it because it might help others recognize red flags in their unhealthy relationships and find the strength to leave. The song builds on that idea. “Anyone who’s ever been lied to, manipulated, gaslighted, or made to feel like they were crazy, these songs are for you,” she concluded.