It’s only been a month since Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka broke off their engagement, but the heiress is already thinking about dating. Just don’t expect to swipe right on the blonde beauty, as she doesn’t think dating apps are ~hot~ right now.

The 37-year-old got candid on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM radio show on Dec. 19 and explained how she really feels about the online dating world and the app, Raya. “I feel like if anyone who’s on that, like, then they’re on it, too, and they’re like, swiping around, looking,” she said. “All my friends are on it and I watch them, and it’s just not even cute people. It’s like, they’re creepy.” Celebs are just like us, right?

The Simple Life alum admitted that in her next relationship, she would love to date someone outside of the entertainment industry. “It is tricky, but I just, I don’t know I feel that if someone can understand your life and just being like a powerful woman and not being intimidated by that, it’s hard to find,” she explained.

The Amazing Spider-Man actor “couldn’t handle all the attention Paris got in public from fans and men fawning over her,” an insider told Life & Style of one of the reasons why the couple split. She admitted during the interview, “In the beginning it’s like, always very sweet and then all the sudden they just want like…you’re a bird, and they want to put the bird in the cage, but the bird wants to fly. I just say, ‘I’m the boss. It’s either my way or the highway. Bye!’” You go, girl!

Paris also revealed that she gets to keep her 20-carat, pear-shaped rock after all! “The person who we got it from got millions and millions of dollars of free publicity,” she said. “I love how social media has basically become a new form of money. It’s pretty sick.”

Chris Zylka kissing Paris Hilton, both wearing all black
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It seems like the fragrance guru is on the mend and it sounds like she’s better off without her ex anyways. You’re a true queen, Paris!