It turns out that you can’t escape mommy-shaming anywhere — not even in paradise. Last night, Jade Roper, Tanner Tolbert, Carly Waddell, and Evan Bass made the trip back to the beach on Bachelor in Paradise. Two of the most successful Bachelor Nation couples (not only did they get engaged on the show, they actually got married and stayed together, and even had babies), they were there to show all of this year’s cast that it’s possible to make the process work. Oh, and to take a minivacation of their own, leaving one lucky Paradise couple to babysit their children. 

After they interviewed all the potential candidates and decided Kendall and Joe were the most worthy pair, they dropped off a crib to assemble, rocker to put together, and their kiddos to watch, and headed out. But, as it turns out, they didn’t actually — head out that is. Sure, they did pass little Emmy Tolbert and baby Bella Bass off to the couple, but they didn’t actually go anywhere. What the audience, saw, though, was Jade and the rest of the crew heading out on their tropical date — all while Emmy cried her tiny head off in the arms of “Uncle Joey.” And fans had something to say.

jade roper responds to a fan's dm on her instagram story.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The footage seemed like Joe tried for a while to take care of the toddler but couldn’t get her to settle down, and mom Jade got a ton of flack for her choice. “Super disturbing you left your child screaming and walked away laughing…. WOWWWWWW there are people that would LOVE to have children…..” one fan DMed the reality star. Jade wasn’t having any of it, though, and reminded fans that reality TV isn’t always exactly reality. 

“We actually never ‘left,'” the mom wrote back on her Instagram story. “We got to stay on set because leaving our babies is never something we actually would’ve done.” Tell ’em, Jade. Luckily, another fan came to her defense, reminding the world that, BTW, babysitters are like a real thing that real parents use all the time. “Also even if you did leave your baby with trusted people YOU’RE ALLOWED TO DO THAT,” they wrote. “DON’T LET THIS B—H TELL YOU ANYTHING. LIVE YO LIFE GURL.”

a fan messages jade roper words of support.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Luckily, it seems Jade was still able to have a fun time on Paradise — after all, that footage of her, Tanner, Carly, and Evan getting massages and laying by the pool had to come from soemwhere. Hopefully, all the mommy-shaming she’s had to deal with afterwards was at least worth the vacation time spent being an adult with her friends.