You probably don’t recognize the name Jeremy Sisto, but he almost beat Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic. If you’re a ’90s kid, however, you’ll definitely know the now 43-year-old from the 1995 classic, Clueless!

Yes, Elton almost drowned in the Atlantic for Kate Winslet. In fact, he even shot a screen test with the beauty, who of course went on to play Rose Dewitt Bukater. “That was one of the many, many jobs I didn’t get,” he previously told HuffPost. “It’s always fun to see a movie that you know really well and love with this alternate universe person in there. So while I was a little embarrassed to reveal one of my many failures in life, at the same time I couldn’t deprive Titanic lovers of seeing that alternate universe.” You can see Jeremy’s Jack in the video below:

The craziest part is that Kate didn’t even have the role locked down when Jeremy read scenes with her. He auditioned with three other actresses who were up for the part. Unfortunately for us, he didn’t divulge their names.

“It was a pretty great experience. To be involved in something that had that kind of scope — anything James Cameron does has this huge scope to it,” Jeremy recalled. “He’s trying to push the limits on things. So I was just insanely inspired by it and a little heartbroken when the role didn’t come my way.”

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Jeremy with Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.

He might not be a household name, but Jeremy’s had plenty of acting success since his breakout performance in Clueless. He’s appeared in films such as Thirteen, Waitress, and voices a character in the highly-anticipated adventure-comedy Ferdinand, based on the beloved children’s book. He’s also had starring roles in TV shows like Suburgatory, Law & Order, and Six Feet Under.

Hey, Clueless will always be on the same level as Titanic in our minds!