‘Tis the season to fake it until you make it! Life & Style magazine has exclusively learned that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s cheerful appearance during the royal family’s holiday celebration was hardly genuine. 

“Kate and Meghan have had enough media training to last them a lifetime,” a source revealed. “They know full well how to put on a happy front for the cameras when it’s a completely different story behind closed doors.”

That said, was their performance good enough to fool Queen Elizabeth? As Life & Style magazine previously reported, the 92-year-old monarch put her foot down when it came to The Duchess of Sussex and Cambridge ruining any of the Christmas festivities at Sandringham House.

Royal Family Christmas Outfits
Samir Hussein/WireImage

So much so, that she met with Kate privately to lay down the law. “During their meeting, she told Kate to resolve their differences before the situation spirals even more out of control. It takes a lot for the queen to lose her temper, but she’s reached her boiling point,” a royal insider spilled at the time.

Ironically enough, however, it was Meghan who took initiative to patch things (or at least make it seem that way). After the former Suits actress made the first move, the pair “muttered half-hearted apologies,” the source explained. “She and Kate found a way to keep the peace even if not all has been forgiven.”

Hmmm, perhaps it wasn’t the Christmas miracle we were hoping for, but it’s good enough for now. Here’s hoping that the closer Meghan gets to her due date, the more she and Kate will come together. There’s nothing like bonding over motherhood to bring two women together, right?

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