It’s a queen-tervention. Life & Style magazine has exclusively learned that Queen Elizabeth is laying down the law when it comes to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s long-standing feud.

Shortly after it was reported that Kate and her hubby, Prince William, wouldn’t be spending Christmas at Sandringham House with the rest of the royal family, the queen stepped in and had a private meeting with the mother-of-three.

“She sees Kate as the more experienced royal,” an insider revealed. “During their meeting, she told Kate to resolve their differences before the situation spirals even more out of control. It takes a lot for the queen to lose her temper, but she’s reached her boiling point.” We don’t blame her!

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“In the queen’s eyes, Kate and Meghan’s feud mirrors that of a cheap soap opera,” the insider continued. “She’s embarrassed beyond belief. She can’t get her head around why they can’t just get along like adults.”

As it turns out, however, Meghan and Kate’s spat may have trickled down to their husbands. Yikes! “William is over how controlling his sister-in-law is,” the insider noted. “It’s like when Meghan says jump, [Prince] Harry asks how high!” 

To be fair, with the 37-year-old pregnant with the pair’s first child, it’s not entirely unreasonable for her to be especially demanding. Even so, here’s hoping that with the queen ordering Kate and the former Suits actress to patch things up, everyone else will follow in suit. After all, there’s just too much at stake.

“If William and Harry are at each other’s throats, it could jeopardize the whole future of the monarchy,” the insider said. “Queen Elizabeth finds it all very upsetting.”

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