If you’re a true royal fan, you notice all the subtle changes, such as Meghan Markle’s newest jewel. For the last few months, we’ve seen the duchess rock her wedding ring but now, she just added a new band to her collection — a dainty gold hamsa ring on her right hand.

The piece of jewelry has gained lots of attention since she debuted it at the Royal Variety Charity’s residential nursing and care home on Tuesday, Dec. 18, for its secret significance. The design of the ring features the hand of Fatima, known as Hamsa or the hand of God, and encased inside of the hand is an evil eye. In many cultures, such as Middle Eastern, these emblems are symbols of protection.

Meghan Markle's rings
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The position of the ring also says a lot about what kind of energy the person hopes to gain or what they long for. Since Meghan’s hamsa is facing down, it apparently means she is “open to all of the abundance and goodness of the universe.” Fertility and answers to prayers are also associated with this position, which makes total sense as the duchess is currently pregnant with her first child and often does good deeds in her work. As of late, the 37-year-old has experienced lots of negative attention from the press, especially with rumors and drama with her family, so it’s no surprise she wants good vibes around her, making this an ideal item to wear.

Kismet by Milka ring (Meghan Markle)


If you want to be #twinning with the mom-to-be, you’re in luck. You can score the same exact band, which belongs to the Turkish brand Kismet by Milka, at the cost of $300 online. The jewel comes in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold and is currently available in over 15 different sizes. Anything Meghan wears is a hit, so make sure you hurry before it sells out!