Merry and bright could turn into “petty” and “fights,” if things don’t go well at Sandringham this Christmas! Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle‘s feud is allegedly reaching a fever pitch as the holidays draw near, and sources tell Life & Style magazine, on newsstands now, that the queen is terrified that they’ll spoil the celebration for everyone if they’re still bickering when Santa comes around.

Both women officially plan to enjoy the holidays with their husbands at the queen’s country estate, but another guest on the list has caused a lot of tension. Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland has been invited to dinner, and while the Middleton family will join the queen for church in the morning, they’ve never been part of the evening festivities. “Kate has been married to William for seven years and not once has her family spent the holidays enjoying the life of luxury at Sandringham,” an insider told us. “Kate is livid and sees it as a snub.”

As a matter of fact, Kate is so bothered by what she perceives as “preferential treatment” that she’s ready to ditch Christmas with the royal family altogether. While one source told us that the queen wants to put rumors of infighting to bed when they form a united front during the holidays, and both girls want to play nice in the public eye, Kate is seriously considering just doing her own thing. “Kate has told William that she wants to do Christmas with her family this year,” insisted an insider. “Mainly to escape from all the drama with Meghan and enjoy the holidays with her own flesh and blood.”

But Queen Elizabeth apparently hates that idea. “The queen is petrified that Christmas will be ruined by the girls unless they sort out their differences.” To try to nip the whole situation in the bud, she’s allegedly asked her grandsons Harry and William to have a private meeting to discuss how they can put a stop to the feud “before it becomes even more out of control.” The insider said “The queen is at her wit’s end over Kate and Meghan falling out. She’s 92 years old and has seen enough drama to last her a lifetime, and can’t believe how petty they’re being.” Hopefully, her plan to ease the tension works!

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