Getting fit! Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt just got engaged and the blogger has wasted no time getting them into an intense diet and exercise routine to tone up for the summer nuptials. The bride-to-be is “cracking the whip” and working to get the duo wedding ready. One question: Can we get this motivated beauty to come and get us into shape, too?

“She’s a believer in tough love and she’s proven to be quite the taskmaster,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “They’re getting married this summer and that’s just months away so there’s no time for laziness or pigging out.”


The author has been super proactive raiding the kitchen to replace all the snacks with healthier alternatives. “Katherine has thrown out all the chips and packaged goods, even Chris’ frozen meatballs, in favor of vegetarian, macrobiotic stuff like grains, beans, fish, vegetables and fermented foods. He’s never eaten so much sauerkraut in his life,” the source divulged.

A fit body doesn’t come easily and the animal lover recruited some help. “She’s hired a personal trainer to whip them both into shape. Chris adores her and thinks she’s so sensible so he’s letting her do whatever she wants.” We stan a queen who takes charge.

The two have had a whirlwind romance and connected instantly on their values. “Chis and Katherine definitely have a deep, religious connection. They’re perfect for each other, and Anna [Faris] really is happy for Chris,” a separate insider told Life & Style.

The source added, “Chris and Anna definitely had different ideas about their faith … It wasn’t the main cause of their break up, but it was definitely a factor. But they still respected each other, during their marriage and even now.”

It’s great to see Chris has found love again and his ex is so supportive. Now, drop and give us 10!

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