And the award for best performance goes to…Meghan Markle! The 37-year-old actress politely turned down an invitation to attend the 70th annual Emmy Awards with her former Suits co-stars— not because she didn’t want to go, but because Queen Elizabeth II, 92, and Prince Harry, 33, both said no.  

“Meghan couldn’t wait to show Harry off, but the palace wouldn’t allow it,” a source reveals exclusively to Life & Style. “There’s a lot of planning that goes into a trip now that she’s a Duchess. Nevertheless, it was a bit of a letdown.”

Though Meghan, who became the first member of the royal family to be submitted for Emmy consideration (for her work on Suits), failed to score a nomination, “She’s hoping to shoot a documentary about her humanitarian work that could earn her an Emmy,” says the source, “or maybe even an Oscar!” 

From being a Deal or No Deal model to a FedEx girl from Horrible Bosses, Meghan Markle came a long way in the film industry. It’s a shame she can’t enjoy it at the Emmys. Fingers crossed the Duchess continues a side project, like a documentary!

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