It’s not easy being a royal. Meghan Markle is reportedly having a difficult time dealing with all of the negative attention, and it’s apparently weighing on Prince Harry as well.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, the Duke feels helpless seeing her stress so much. “He’s wanted to publicly make a statement many times defending Meghan and addressing the false rumors, but was advised not to,” revealed the insider. It doesn’t help that the royal family is usually so tight-lipped about addressing their personal lives. Sometimes it’s good to vent and set the record straight, and that’s what Meghan used to do prior to marrying Harry.

“Meghan is used to replying to any sort of controversy or comment on Twitter and through a publicist,” a source previously told the outlet. “It’s taken a while for Meghan to get used to having the palace more involved with her life and steering her public image, but she’s finally getting comfortable and trusts that they have her best interests at heart.”

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Since she officially joined the royal family in May, it’s taken a while to adjust. “Meghan made a huge sacrifice by moving across the pond, away from her mom and friends,” added the source. “Marrying into the royal family isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as it seems, so in a lot of ways Harry feels responsible for Meghan being so miserable.” Like any husband, he “takes any attack on Meghan very personally.” We don’t blame him.

In December, a source said Harry “felt powerless” to help Meghan cope, putting lots of pressure on their relationship. “He’s very frustrated with how little can be done. Keeping her away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity.”

We hope things smooth out by the time the royal baby arrives this Spring.