This is so lovely. Paul Walker’s costar from She’s All ThatRachael Leigh Cook, honored him with some very sweet words, and the official Paul Walker Instagram posted them for the 20th anniversary of the movie. What a nice way to remember him and celebrate the film at the same time.

“Team Paul Walker” posted this caption on a photo of the actors together: “Paul was an awesome actor. I always like to remind people of that because it’s so easy to be just like, ‘Wow. You’re just so hot’. I think it’s so sad that we have to lose someone to know about the great things that they did. – @RachaelLeighCook on working with #PaulWalker #ShesAllThat released 20 years ago this week! #TeamPW.” She makes a great point. The Instagram account seemed to pull her quote from a recent Entertainment Tonight article about a possible reboot of the movie.

Rachael, 39, played Laney Boggs, the nerdy girl in school who was told she’s a “waste of perfectly good yearbook space” in She’s All That two decades ago. And while Freddie Prinze, Jr. played her main love interest, Zack Siler, Paul was still a standout in the cast. He played Dean Sampson, Zack’s buddy who challenged him to a bet to turn any random girl in their school into the Prom Queen within six weeks.

Sadly, Paul died in a tragic car accident following a charity event in November 2013. But he’s still very fondly remembered to this day. Rachael, on the other hand, mostly lends her voice talents to Robot Chicken these days, but she was also on the TV series Perception for several years.

Paul’s fans really loved the tribute with Rachael’s quote that was shared to Instagram on January 30. “One of my favorites!! His part in this movie is always overlooked! He is def missed!! 💙” one person wrote. Another fan said, “One of my fav films💙 🎥 😇 #paulwalker #legend.” One person sweetly commented, “I loved him in this movie, he lit up the screen with his smile 😍.” No matter how much time goes by, Paul is still so very missed.