Just when you thought they might chill out, Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, come back with even more fuel for the fire. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars were spotted at Joe Gorga‘s “Grow With Gorga” seminar on March 23 and fans who were at the event noticed the possibility of some drama between the ladies — and the cameras were indeed rolling to catch it all.

“Right before the seminar started, they were at their table and you could see them talking,” an eyewitness told Life & Style exclusively. “It looked like there was tension between them, like they didn’t want to be at the same table. I was five tables away so I couldn’t hear anything but at one point they got up and walked out together, about 45 minutes into the seminar.”

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Sounds like typical Tre, 46, and Melissa, 40, to us. Those two just can’t stay cool with each other, can they? And they sure as hell can’t save it till after the function — case in point, well, almost every big fight they’ve ever had. In some photos obtained by Life & Style from the event, you can see the cameras catching every minute of the back-and-forth, so we’re sure to see this fight on the small screen soon, too.

“I then saw them again in the back private room during a break and Joe was there taking pictures with fans,” the onlooker continued. “Melissa and Teresa were standing on different sides of the room, avoiding each other. It seemed like they were tolerating each other in support of Joe.”

Tolerating each other, or not tolerating at all, seems to be the one true superpower for these ladies since Melissa showed up on RHONJ back in season 3. But according to costar Dolores Catania, these two will always have a bond unlike any other … despite all the drama.

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“I’ve been around [the] family, I mean for me, I’ve been around it a very long time. I’ve seen fights come and go. That’s it — they come and go just like most families that can get through things,” the 48-year-old explained about Teresa and Melissa’s complicated relationship. “Like, last year they were best friends.”

Let’s hope this year they can be best friends, too. With Joe Giudice possibly headed for deportation, we have a feeling Tre is gonna need it.

With reporting by Lexi Ciccone