The competition is getting very fierce this season on American Idol and contestant Uché Ndubizu is a favorite among fans and the famous judges. Lionel Richie even used his coveted pick to secure the young singer’s spot in the competition show’s top 10 during the April 14 episode. No matter how far he makes it, there’s no sign he’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

The Nigerian-American contestant, 24, hails from Sugar Land, Texas, and lists his occupation as a wedding singer. He not only has super sultry pipes that sound like an R&B dream, but he is also an excellent performer with a lot of charisma on stage. At 6-foot-4, he clearly stands out among the group of hopefuls. However, he’s secured his place as a fan favorite because he brings something new to the table each week.

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He’s received very high praise from the show’s judges who love his ability to put his heart into every performance. “We are not in the singing business. We are in the entertainment business,” Lionel began about the contestant after he performed a rendition of “Diamonds” by Rihanna during the most recent episode. “And, I’m going to tell you something, you’ll never touch as many people as you’ve touched. You are a performer. A lot of people can sing. Very few can sing and perform. This is an entertainer!”

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Uché has been working extremely hard to achieve his dreams for years. Back in 2013, he won a contest hosted by Acuvue 1-Day where he had the opportunity to shoot a national commercial for the contact lens brand with Joe Jonas as his mentor.

He also writes and produces his own music. His most recent EP from 2017 is called “My Generation” and is based on the struggles the singer has gone through in his personal life before finding his faith. His website describes it as a “musical biopic chronicling the artist’s descent into a world of self-indulgence fueled by excessive drug use and followed by a spiritual awakening that he credits as saving his life.”

Good luck, Uché!