The hilariously bad cult-classic horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer was released exactly 20 years ago today, on Oct. 17, 1997. To celebrate the anniversary of four buddies killing a guy and then dumping his body in the ocean before being picked off one by one, we're answering some of your biggest questions about the film. So, obviously, if you somehow haven't gotten around to seeing it in the last two decades, there are spoilers ahead.

Who was the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

First and foremost, who was the killer? The film definitely keeps you guessing. First we think it's Max, the only one not in the friend group who was nearby when the foursome hit who they think is David Egan with their car. But it isn't, Max is quickly killed himself by a guy in a raincoat with a hook. Then, Julie thinks it's her ex Ray, and runs away from him and hides on Ben Willis' boat. However, it turns out that Ben was actually the one that the kids hit with their car, and he had just finished murdering David for killing his daughter Susie in a car accident. To get revenge, he was stalking and slashing the teens. Ray cuts Ben's hand off and sends him overboard. But it's still not over! When Julie is living in Boston one year later, she finds a new message in her shower that says "I still know," so Ben might still be alive.

Who was in the cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer?

This movie literally had the most epic 90's cast ever. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze, Jr. play the four friends being hunted, and Anne Heche, Bridgette Wilson, and Johnny Galecki play supporting roles. It's amazing. Jennifer thought back fondly on the experience, writing on Instagram "20 years ago four teenagers and a fisherman met on a dark road. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget."

Where was I Know What You Did Last Summer filmed?

The film takes place in Southport, North Carolina, although Julie does move to Boston at the end of the film with Ray. Sidenote: Southport was also where Dawson's Creek was filmed, which makes sense because Kevin Williamson wrote and directed both. They shot in many real places for the film, including the Amuzu Theater, the Old American Fish Company, and Bodega Bay, which all use different names.

Where can I watch I Know What You Did Last Summer?

You can pay $2.99 to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer on YouTube, Amazon Video, Vudu and Google Play. Unfortunately, it isn't on Hulu, and you can only get it on DVD from Netflix.