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Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for your man. Okay, maybe really difficult. Maybe he never asks for anything, maybe the default answer to the question, “What do you want?” is “I don’t know,” or maybe he’s just plain hard to shop for. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, his birthday, or some other holiday, it’s easy to run out of ideas and hard to find new ones. It’s not that you’re a bad gift giver, it’s just that they’re so darn hard to buy for!

But we’ve got a couple of ideas you (and your man) are sure to love. Whether your boyfriend, fiance, or husband is into video games, sports, or adventure, we’ve for something he’ll enjoy unwrapping. Bespoke Post has a wide range of items, each of them more intriguing than the last! We know that you’ll find something that’s the perfect fit for your special someone.

What is Bespoke Post?

Bespoke Post is like StitchFix but with really cool stuff. While you can order items individually from their store (clothing, camping equipment, knives, axes, games, and more), their subscription box is more exciting. They send monthly boxes full of surprising items — whether it’s a jacket and watch box, an ax and a self-watering plant, a box of playing cards and a candle — it’s sure to be fun!

Best Clothing Gifts for Men on Bespoke Post

1.The Subscription Box

Bespoke Post

The subscription box is BY FAR the most fun gift on Bespoke Post you can give your man. It costs nothing to sign up, and each box you keep is $45. Worried you might not get something your man will like? Well, don’t! You can change the selection to your liking, or, rather, to your man’s liking (so long as you do it by the 5th of the month). You can swap boxes, customize colors and styles for clothing, or change items. Each box ships mid-month. 

This is a great gift because it’s giving several gifts in one package! Who doesn’t like opening a box that contains more than one gift? This is also the perfect gift for a boyfriend, husband, or fiance because they can get it month after month after month. Or you can just buy the one box for the one month. Totally up to you.


2. The Suffolk Waffle-Knit Sweater

Bespoke Post

This waffle-knit sweater is perfect for every occasion! Whether he’s lounging around playing video games, going on a casual stroll through the woods, or attending a relaxed dinner party, this sweater’s comfort will take him anywhere. It’s perfect for Fall birthdays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or maybe for something less traditional, like Thanksgiving or New Year’s!

“Wait,” you might be thinking. “Of all the things to buy on Bespoke Post, isn’t a sweater a little boring?” While a sweater might not be as exciting as a brand new car, say, it is very practical and very warm! Your man will definitely appreciate being warm around the house, especially if he’s one of those guys who refuses to touch the thermostat. Heck, you might even need to buy one yourself!


3. 6-Inch Classic Moc, Oro

Bespoke Post

These shoes are perfect if you want to give your man a hip look. This style has been around for ages and has consistently proven to be a hit. Whether you and your man are hitting the town or going for a casual stroll through the park, these are the shoes for him. The boots are made of leather, and the sole is made of a comfortable layer of cork and has rubber traction. Plus, the shoe has welt stitching which improves water and stain resistance as well as durability. 

We both know that shoes can make or break an outfit, so make sure you get him some Bespoke Post Classic Moc shoes to ensure he looks as stunning to everyone else as he does to you. After all, you deserve to be with someone who looks as good as he makes you feel!


4. The Montana Canvas Trucker Jacket

Bespoke Post

This forest green jacket may be a little out of the comfort zone for your man (depending on his sense of style), but it’s definitely worth giving it a go! You’ll love how he looks, and so will he. This jacket is perfect for wearing to work on casual Fridays, dinner dates, or for hanging with the guys. Green is also a very versatile color, so he can wear it with just about anything!

This is a great gift for boyfriends and husbands because it’s a confidence booster. Not only will he look stylish wearing it, but he’ll feel stylish and good about himself too. And that’s all anyone can ask out of a gift, right?


5. The Jackson Fair Isle Sweater

Bespoke Post

Now this is the perfect holiday sweater for your man! Whether you’re fireside or on top of a mountain, the jacquard fabric knit will keep him toasty. Made from 60% wool, 25% nylon, and 15% acrylic Donegal-style fabric, this sweater is the perfect gift for men who enjoy the finer things in life. It’s perfect if you live in colder regions because the yarn is so thick and soft!

This gift is best for men who enjoy being stylish. It’s got that cozy, winter feel to it. This Bespoke Post winter addition is perfect for snowy photoshoots, family photos, or simply lounging about the house (and holiday parties. Did we mention holiday parties?).


6. The Stride Stretch Twill Pants

Bespoke Post

You’ve got color options! These comfortable pants come in ocean blue and quartz grey. This 12oz cotton pant has a nice stretch to it, so it’s forgiving during holiday meals. The pants aren’t skinny jeans, but they do taper slightly to the knee for a more stylish look and a more comfortable fit. It also has fray-resistant seams, so you know these pants are built to last!

These jeans can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. Work? Check. Parties? Check. Date night? Check. Lounging around at home? Check! These pants are the perfect gift for boyfriends and husbands alike because they’re comfortable, versatile, and stylish.