Beyoncé demanded “justice” for George Floyd in a video on May 30, five days after he died during an arrest in Minneapolis. “We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight. We’re broken, and we’re disgusted. We can not normalize this pain,” the Grammy winner said.

“No more senseless killings of human beings. No more seeing people of color as less than human,” the “Halo” artist, 38, urged on Instagram. “We can no longer look away. George is all of our family and humanity. He is our family because he is a fellow American,” she continued.”

Beyonce Wears Sparkly Suit at Lion King Premiere
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The “Halo” singer noted she wasn’t just “speaking to people of color,” and her message was the same for all viewers. “I’m sure you feel hopeless by the racism going on in America right now,” the Houston native added. “There have been too many times that we’ve seen these violent killings and no consequences … Yes, someone’s been charged, but justice is far from being achieved.”

The Lion King actress encouraged followers to sign multiple petitions, which were linked on her website, and to “continue to pray for peace and compassion and healing for our country.” Beyoncé shared links to, Color of Change, We Can’t Breathe and NAACP. 

Floyd’s death sparked outrage after videos captured by witnesses during the incident circulated online. During his arrest, officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. “Please, the knee in my neck, I can’t breathe,” Floyd could be heard saying repeatedly, the footage showed. 

The Minneapolis Police Department fired Chauvin, 44, and the three other arresting officers as the FBI launched an investigation. Chauvin was arrested three days later and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, and the incident sparked anti-racism, anti-police brutality protests across the nation.

Beyoncé is one of many A-listers spreading awareness following Floyd’s death. Kim Kardashian wrote a lengthy message to “amplify” voices for change. “I am angry. I am more than angry. I am infuriated, and I am disgusted. I am exhausted by the heartbreak I feel seeing mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children suffering because their loved one was murdered or locked away unjustly for being black,” the KUWTK star, 39, said. Lady GagaBruno Mars and Bebe Rexha are just a few others who have showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Chrissy Teigen publicly pledged $200,000 for the bailouts of protestors across the country. Steve CarrellSeth Rogen and Jameela Jamil all donated $1,000 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a community-based nonprofit that pays the bail for low-income protesters who could not afford bail otherwise.

It’s great to see Beyoncé and other celebrities using their large platforms to spread support and hope.