The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner broke his silence following claims that he misrepresented his career as a restaurateur on the reality show.

“The business I owned was very much like the Cadillac Diner that Theresa [Nist] and I went to on the very first date,” Gerry, 72, explained to Katie Couric Media in an interview published on December 1, referencing his one-on-one date with now-fiancée Theresa, 70. “I sold burgers and fries and shakes, and it was a very profitable business.”

The reality star continued, “And the comments about what I did later in life, I did those after I retired. I retired at 55, and I was very happy giving back to the community and doing things that were worth something to other people.”

Gerry opened up about his career two days after The Hollywood Reporter published a bombshell exposé on November 29 that claimed his LinkedIn bio “does not match up” with the story he depicted on screen. After Gerry sold his Mr. Quick drive-in franchise in Iowa in 1985, he allegedly had several sales and management positions within the meat industry. While Gerry said on the show that he retired at the age of 55, THR claimed that he must have worked until 2006 in order to retire at that age.

He explained that he worked other jobs to fill his time, though considered being a restaurateur as his main career.

“I mean, jeez, I didn’t work as a handyman for the money. I did it because I knew I was doing something good for people who needed help,” Gerry told Katie Couric Media. “There’s just enough truth in [the exposé]. But I have so many positives to think about that I haven’t really given that article a whole lot of thought.”

Not only did the exposé call out Gerry for not being honest about his work history, but his former girlfriend revealed they had a nearly three-year relationship that began one month after his late wife, Toni, died in 2017.

While Gerry didn’t discuss the allegations during the Golden Bachelor finale on November 30, he broke his silence regarding his ex’s claims one day after fans watched him propose to Theresa.

Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner Breaks Silence Amid Claims He Misrepresented His Career
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“My only response is that I have so many positive things in my life right now,” he told The Los Angeles Times on December 1. “I have the wonderful love of Theresa, my partner. I don’t have time to reflect on comments like this. I’m happy to look forward.”

When asked about the accuracy of the reporting, Gerry told The New York Times that he hadn’t “really looked at it as [to] how accurate it is.” He continued, “I’ve more looked at it in terms of timing and how it really doesn’t fit with all the positive things that are going on in my life right now. I mean, I’m sitting across from Theresa right now, and I look at her and she’s the love of my life. And I really don’t have time to think about some of the other stuff.”