Subtle shade or sweet gesture? Kate Middleton‘s earrings at baby Archie’s christening have fans thinking that it was a dig towards Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The duchess rocked the same Collingwood Pearl earrings that Princess Diana wore to Harry’s christening back in December 1984. This seems like a thoughtful nod to her in-laws, right? However, ~the internet~ put a negative spin on the gesture, especially after Prince William and Kate got roasted for looking “miserable” during the momentous event.

Kate, 37, received criticism from royal diehards for wearing the pearl-drop dazzlers because some perceived it as inappropriate and an attempt to overshadow Meghan, also 37. The former Suits actress gave birth to her only child on May 6, and this is the first large family event since welcoming him.

Kate Middleton Princess Diana Collingwood Pearl earrings archie christening
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“A nicer gesture would have been to offer to let Meghan wear the earrings for Archie’s christening,” someone slammed the brunette beauty on Twitter. Another user added, “I think Kate wanted to upstage Meghan. With all the earrings at Kate’s disposal, why did she wear the one that Diana wore during Harry’s christening? Personally, I would have given Meghan that earring.”

It’s not actually clear if Kate did offer for Meghan to wear the earrings in the first place. The royal family lives behind closed doors and there was probably a lot of discussion about what every person was going to wear. However, Kate and William, 37, couldn’t quite catch a break during the christening.

A few royal family followers zoomed in on the photos from Archie’s big day and called out some suspicious details. “Did you see how the body language was in the pic? Huge space in between the two couples, and William looks so sour in the face!” one Twitter user observed. A separate commenter echoed, “Kate doesn’t have a real smile on her face. She looks pained. William looks like he smelled something terrible. They don’t look thrilled to be there.”

So, is there an actual royal feud happening? It obviously depends on your perspective so we’ll let you be the judge of that. *Sips tea.*