Just hours after the announcement of the Married At First Sight couple’s failed miscarriage, Jamie Otis took to social media on January 12, to give another update on the devastating situation she and her husband, Doug Hehner, are currently facing. This marks the couple’s third miscarriage to date.

“I think the worst of it is finally over,” the 32-year-old started her caption on a sweet Instagram photo of she and Doug hugging. “We left the doctors office around 1:30 yesterday with the medicine in. (The doc places it at your cervix and then you have to lie down for 15-30 [minutes] to make sure your body absorbs it all.) I was wondering when and if the medication would work since I was further along, so I knew it wasn’t guaranteed to work. But I really don’t want to have to have a D&C [dilation and curettage]. We went to my in-laws to pick up @henleygracehehner and when we came home, I had mild cramps but nothing abnormal really.”

The D&C procedure Jamie refers to is called “dilation and curettage,” which would allow a doctor to dilate the cervix upon a first-trimester miscarriage and scrape the contents of the uterus.

“Around 7 p.m., I began getting the most sharp [sic], excruciating pains all throughout my belly and my back. I’ll spare you the details of what it was like when I went to the bathroom,” Jamie continued. “All night long, I was curled up in [the] fetal position with heating pads on my back and belly. Gracie slept angelically through the night. Almost like she knew mama and dada were sad and in pain and needed a night.” Our hearts go out to you, Jamie! This really sounds hard.

“My hubby was by my side for every single moment of the stabbing pains and runs to the bathroom. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a loving, kind, thoughtful man but I am so, so thankful for you, @doughehner,” the strong mama shouted out her hubby for his unending support.

Jamie closed out her caption on an uplifting note: “We’re trying our best to stay positive. We’ve made it through this before — RIP our sweet angel baby, Johnathan👼🏼💙 — and we will make it through this too. 🙏🏻 I guess our little Johnny wanted a little brother or sister to play with up in heaven. 🙏🏻❤️👼🏼”

While we’re happy the light at the end of the tunnel is near for the suffering couple, the announcement holds a particularly heavy weight as the couple just recently announced their third pregnancy on December 27. Jamie announced she had suffered from a “failed miscarriage” just hours prior to her current update.

The couple, who got married in March 2014 after meeting on MAFS, have been vocal in the past about how difficult it has been for them to conceive. Jamie suffered a devastating miscarriage back in July 2016, losing a son named Johnathan. Back in September, the reality star revealed that she had a previous early miscarriage due to a chemical pregnancy.