On April 28, Lea Michele couldn't contain her excitement as she announced that she and Zandy Reich were engaged, showing off her massive ring on Instagram. The pair had been dating for over a year before Zandy popped the question, but the lucky guy is still a mystery to many of her fans. Keep scrolling to learn more about the man that stole the Glee star's heart.

The lovebirds were just friends at first

The 31-year-old singer and Zandy first stepped out together as a couple last July and at the time, a source told People that they've actually known each other for a while. "They’ve been friends for a long time, a few years,” the source shared. “Things turned romantic recently and they’re dating now.”

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My Valentine 💙

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He's the president of a clothing company

According to E! News, Zandy graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005 with a degree in economics, and though he's worked for companies like Goldman Sachs and Renaissance Capital, he's now in the fashion industry. Zandy currently works for the womens apparel line AYR — pronounced "air" — which stands for All Year Round. "We make seasonless essentials designed for everyday life. We founded AYR in 2014 because sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to find," the brand's website reads. "Our studio is based in downtown NYC, our denim is made in sunny LA, and we ship directly to you, everywhere in between."

He doesn't have any public social media profiles — but is present on Lea's Instagram

Even though the pair don't attend too many Hollywood events together, Lea has shared a ton of Instagrams from their outings. Over the past few months, Lea's posted cute photos as they attended a friend's wedding and went to the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

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What a Super Bowl!!! 🦅🏈

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Lea's inner circle loves him

While the actress' beau didn't accompany her to last year's Emmys, she couldn't help but gush about him when she hit the red carpet, revealing that Scream Queens and Glee creator Ryan Murphy, one of her closest pals, fully supports their relationship. "When my boyfriend got the seal of approval from Ryan Murphy, that was it," she admitted in an interview with People. "Yeah my parents, yeah friends, whatever. But Ryan Murphy, it’s a done deal—it sealed the deal.” It's clear that Zandy's already part of the family — he even popped his face in when Lea shared a photo of a mini Glee reunion!

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Mini Glee reunion last night ❤️

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He and Lea have become homebodies

"When I’m not working, I’m at home with my cat, with my family, with my boyfriend, with the people that I love — and that’s how I reset, and that’s how I center myself," the star told People. "It’s so important to tune out the noise and the unnecessary, and just focus on the people that you love because they know you better than anyone."