Jessica Alba's 'The Honest Life': 7 Secrets to a Hot Body

Jessica alba body the honest life

Jessica Alba reveals her secrets to a hot body in her new book, The Honest Life.


Jessica Alba lives a healthy and honest life — and she wants to tell her fans exactly how she does it.

In her new book, The Honest Life, the sexy mom of two comes clean about her diet. From going organic and eating veggies to indulging just the right amount, the actress reveals how she got her fit body after pregnancy.

Green Does a Body Good
After gaining nearly 55 pounds with her first daughter, Honor, 4, Jessica lived on lean protein paired with mountains of unlimited salad. The high-fiber greens are very filling without all the calories.

Veggies are a Girl's Best Friend
The beautiful starlet will never eat a meal without her vegetables. She also makes sure her girls Honor and Haven, 19 months, do the same. Fact: The body burns 16 percent more calories after a meal that's mostly veggies than one without any produce.

Break Out the Blender
"Sipping on my green drink throughout the day helps fill you up," says Jess, "and it's packed with nutrients." In her nutritional book, the Sin City star shares one of her favorite green drink recipes:
*1 whole cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped
*2 handfuls chopped kale
*2 celery sticks, chopped
*2 lemons, juiced
*2 apples, cored and seeded
*1 teaspoon fresh ginger, finely diced
*Frozen watermelon or a dash of the natural sugar substitutes stevia or Truvia for sweetness
What to do: Blend well; refrigerate what you don't drink immediately (makes about 2 servings).

It's Okay to Indulge
Jess says it's important to treat yourself "so you don't lose your mind." She eats whatewver she wants one day a week — even bacon! Other times, she allows herself nondairy frozen fruit or fudge ice pops, like organic Sweet Nothings. "The key is to have just one, not the entire box."

Though she works hard to stay fit, the 31-year-old knows she won't have the body she had before pregnancy. "I'll never be the weight I was before I had my kiddos, but I'm cool with that," she shares. "I love my body."

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