Haters be warned when coming at Madison Beer with cruel comments, especially when it comes to body shaming. The singer had an epic clap back when a troll told her she was “getting fatter” in certain parts of her body.

Madison, 24, shared several Instagram selfies on Monday, July 24, wearing a sleeveless short white slip dress and black motorcycle boots. A hater wrote in the comments, ‘Hey madison i’ve noticed that ur legs and arms are getting fatter. Please do some cardio because we men only like skinny girls,” adding, “Ur face is already perfect, but please we love a thin-waisted girl.”

The “Good in Goodbye” songstress fired back, “I wouldn’t touch you with a 10 ten foot pole if you paid me a million dollars.” The exchange has since been deleted but not before some fans captured screengrabs.

As news of the vicious comment and Madison’s fiery response got out amongst her fans, they quickly rallied to the post to show support. One wrote, @madisonbeer did that dude that you roasted delete his comment? I saw it & wanted to fuel to that fire,” while another added, “POV: you’re looking for that one guy who got roasted by madison because he told her to lose weight.” One follower wrote, “That so called ‘fan’ fat shaming her when she’s thin asf needs help.”

Courtesy of Madison Beer/Instagram

The hurtful comment came after Madison revealed in an April 2023 interview that she had been “struggling” with body dysmorphia in the months prior because “so many people impact me so negatively about my body when I was younger.”

“I grew up pretty happy,” she said. “I thought I had a nice body. But hearing endless comments about how I don’t, it was really, really hurtful to me when I was so young.”

As a result, Madison said she had been “restricting herself a lot” with food and that, “I wasn’t eating as much as I should be.” Amid that, she saw a comment online that read, “Someone needs to tell her to stop eating and put the fork down.”

“I’m getting to a place where I’m feeling more confident, but it does suck and it is really hurtful when people have no idea what you’re going through behind closed doors,” Madison explained, saying it’s wrong to judge others since “life is very short.”

“I don’t think that as a society we’re ever going to advance to a better place if we’re all so quick to yell and scream and cancel each other and pull each other down,” she added.