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Celebs Who Had Breast Reductions: Rachel Recchia, Ariel Winter and More — See Photos

While some celebrities like to enhance their natural features, others have opted to minimize theirs. Stars like Ariel Winter, Bachelorette alum Rachel Recchia and Pamela Anderson have received breast reductions and raved over the results.

At just 17 years old, the Modern Family star had a breast reduction – and according to the actress, it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

The Los Angeles native is just five feet tall — and with her natural 32F cup size, it was “really ostracizing and excruciatingly painful. In August 2015, Ariel had her breasts reduced to a 34D.

“That’s pretty much all I was known for and that upset me,” she revealed to Glamour following her procedure. “It made me feel really uncomfortable because as women in the industry, we are totally oversexualized and treated like objects.” The brunette beauty added that, prior to her surgery, “every article that has to do with me on a red carpet had to do with ‘Ariel Winter’s Crazy Cleavage!’ or ‘Ariel Winter Shows Huge Boobs at an Event!’ That’s all people would recognize me by — not, ‘Oh, she does great work on Modern Family.’”

She also recalled the moment when she decided to undergo surgery to reduce her breast size. “I went to a swimsuit store with my cousin a few months ago and couldn’t find a bathing suit that fit me. I really felt bad about myself. I didn’t feel happy,” Ariel told the outlet. “I just kept saying, ‘What am I going to wear? There’s nothing for me to wear at the beach, at the pool.’ I can’t go to a party with my friends and wear the same thing as them. I have to be completely covered up, otherwise, I’ll look a certain way that I’m not intending to look.”

The starlet gushed after the surgery that she is much more comfortable in her body. “It’s amazing to finally feel right,” she told Glamour. “This is how I was supposed to be.”

Ariel isn’t the only celebrity to get a breast reduction. Spice Girls icon Victoria Beckham has enhanced her breasts with a few boob jobs over the years, but she’s also had them reduced.

Victoria penned a letter to her younger self during her cover shoot with Vogue in 2017 and warned her of cosmetic procedures.
“I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs,” she wrote. “All those years I denied it — stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see more stars who have had breast reductions.