Nearly six months after his death, Alan Thicke‘s family is fighting his widow over his will.

The beloved actor suddenly passed away at the age of 69 in December 2016. He left behind three sons, Brennan, Robin, and Carter Thicke, as well as his wife, Tanya Callau. Despite the fact that the actor laid out a living trust detailing how he wanted his $14 million estate divided, Life & Style exclusively discovered that Brennan and Blurred Lines singer Robin recently filed a petition against Tanya.

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“Her demands are getting more and more egregious, more outrageous,” Robin and Brennan’s attorney exclusively told Life & Style. “She wants more money. We had to act.”

alan thicke robin thicke getty images

Alan and Robin in 2013.

The process to uphold Alan’s wishes has turned ugly, which is unfortunate considering the family is still grieving the Growing Pains star after his tragic death. He sadly died after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with his youngest son, Carter.

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Although the position states that Tanya is claiming her prenuptial agreement is invalid, her attorney Adam Streisand shot down the notion that this is a money grab and called the petition “utter nonsense.”

“Tanya has never sought anything more than what her husband intended,” he said. “The prenup required Alan to give Tanya 25 percent of the ranch, but the trust didn’t give her any part of it.”

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Alan and Tanya.

While Tanya and her attorney insist that she is only concerned with what is legally hers, Robin and Brennan are not convinced. It looks like it will take a judge to settle the current fight over Alan’s will.

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